Sunday, September 11, 2011

Women's Shelter: One Day Makeovers!

This is my first Metamorphosis Monday. Thank you, Between Naps On The Porch! I wasn't sure what I should post until I saw those magical words "before and after."

Three years ago, I was fortunate enough to hear about a great opportunity. The organization, Volunteers of America, is always looking for companies or individuals interested in remodeling one or more rooms in the local women's shelter. My stager friend, Nancy, and I decided to adopt a room.

We chose a room that had not received an update since 2004. There's no other way to describe it--this was a sad little room. One twin bed, one small table, a built-in table that wasn't much more than a ledge, and one dresser. No closet, as some of the other rooms had, so clothes were hung on a metal rack on wheels. Long and narrow, the room at least had a nice tall window at one end. The walls were a very pale yellowish green, and the only window treatment was a tiny valance hung over white blinds. We picked a date for the makeover, and we were allowed eight hours to complete the transformation. Here is the before and after:

shelter room before

shelter room after

Paint donated by Kwal, bedding and window sheers purchased at Target, art donated by Nancy, and a new lamp shade purchased at WalMart came together to create a room that I believe can best be described as restful and sweet. We also purchased and put together a wardrobe/storage unit, with removable storage bins, and a fabric cover.

We were shocked and pleased, by the praise we received from the staff and tenants. Something that was so easy for Nancy and I to do, because we do it all the time, seemed almost like a miracle to these women. Many of the women begged us to do their rooms next, so Nancy and I decided we would do a room every year.

This shelter represents a haven for women, their children, and even our veterans. That's right. The shelter has a special area reserved for our female veterans. For our second annual makeover project, Nancy and I chose one of these rooms. There were three beds this time. And, being in the basement they were dark and dreary. I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

 bed 1 before  bed 1 after

bed 2 before  bed 2 after

bed 3 before  bed 3 after

We spent three hours shopping, and less than six hours painting, making beds and placing art. Again, the paint was donated by Kwal.  The bedding was on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond. We were very fortunate to find three matching sets! The shelter did have some rules (no excessively bright colors on the walls and no area rugs) and their handyman put the nails in the concrete walls for the artwork.

Each of these two rooms was completed for under $200. This included sheets, blankets, and pillows, too! In a couple months, we will go back and choose another room. You don't have to be a stager to do this. Anyone willing to give a little bit of money and one day of your time can make a real difference in someone's life. Thanks for letting me share Metamorphosis Monday with you! I can't wait to see what everyone else is sharing!

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Robin said...

This has to be the most satisfying decorating you have ever done. The rooms turned out beautiful and I'm sure they brought a little happiness to some very deserving women.

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

What a gorgeous makeover! The room looks so refreshing and elegant. Thanks for sharing.
Hope to see you on my blog:)

Tess said...

This is just so wonderful that you do this!!! I am sure that the women appreciated such a pretty and safe place to stay as they put their lives back together. Kudos to you!!!!

Kathleen said...

I am sure you brightened the lives of these women. What a great project!

Elle and Lou said...

This is a really great idea-what a difference it made and really, what a difference it would continue to make for the women and children who pass through it. Inspiring!!