Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Parade of Homes--LOVE these trends!!!

The Denver Parade of Homes is ALWAYS fun!  I missed last year and I was not going to let that happen again. Camera in hand, I headed to what they were calling the "Dream Community"--an area of seven homes.  Four of them were model homes and decorated to the hilt! I LOVED the decor this year. If I had any complaints, I would say the trend towards darker floor and wall colors made the rooms a little gloomy. And, we were there on a perfect, sunny Sunday afternoon.

The first trend I noticed was each house had a to-die-for study!

I've never seen black look so pretty! Notice that the books are black too! Here is another scrumptious one!

What a soothing shade of blue! Did they all have mono-color books? Nope, this one has mostly red, but other colors, too. I like it. It looks less contrived to me.

I would have to say the black one is my favorite. My mouth dropped open when I saw it! Another great trend is the courtyard. Yes, this is Colorado, but we are second only to Florida for most days of sunshine a year. While I was drooling over the black study, my husband found a restful place to wait for me.

You have no idea how hard it was to get photos without other people in them! There was a good turnout the day we were there. I had a few favorite bedrooms:

I just love this color palette!

I really don't know why they feel they have to put fake laptops in these beautiful rooms. I had to look past it to appreciate the thought that went into each accessory.

This table was every bit as beautiful as the other one. I love that they didn't match tables. This is SO much more interesting. Side note: My night tables match!

I did have one little problem with the decor. The wallpaper is butterflies, which everyone loves. But, I think they took the insect thing too far! These shadow boxes containing bugs went all the way around the room!

Here is another bedroom I love. It is very symmetrical, which seems to be comfortable to most people.

Both the bedrooms so far are fairly feminine. This one definitely does not fall into that category.

These are my favorite dining rooms!

Just a few more standouts! Can't you just imagine yourself deep into a book in this classic library!

Wait!! It's a library nook! Great use of space!

Last but not least, something that EVERYONE needs in their backyard!

An outdoor kitchen featuring a pizza oven!

I hope you enjoyed my little tour!


Robin said...

Great rooms! I love the outdoor kitchen but my favorite has to be the black office (I want those curtains!). Thanks for the tour.

Marlis said...

so glad you shared these.. some wonderful ideas.. I think i need that pizza oven! ;-) xo marlis