Monday, February 2, 2015

Quick Closet Redo!!!

I belong to a Facebook group called 365 Days of Eliminating Crap. They motivated me to do something I have wanted to do for a long time--identify the clothes I don't wear and remove them from my closet. My closet was mostly full of clothes I have to lose weight to fit in and items needing some kind of tweaking (as in sewing). This daily reminder of not being the size I want to be was just too depressing. Time to purge! (Bear with me--there is a redo!) I decided to document the event:

I gave myself a 40 minute time limit, which did not allow for trying stuff on or eenie meenie miney mo, or anything! Here is the result:

Seven bags of clothes, and later I added a bag of shoes and purses! All got donated!

After seeing the photo I took of my closet, I was pretty horrified! What a mess! Now that a third of the contents was gone, I decided it was time for a quick redo! I headed to Michael's and Bed Bath & Beyond, coupons clutched in hand. Here is the result:

Now, I smile when I walk into my closet! All it needed was some baskets and new hangers. I chose black for it's ability to disappear. The hangers are the flocked kind and don't leave little points sticking out the shoulder of all my shirts. You can buy them in bulk (packs of 50, seen here) and in several styles. I bought the suit ones, because you can hang either a shirt or pants or both on the same hanger.

The baskets came from Michael's. I have purses and hats in mine, but if you intend to use it for sweaters or lingerie, make sure you get a material that won't snag. These are made from a cloth webbing.

Simple changes, big results!

One more thing! I used a tension rod in the back of one side to hold scarves. So convenient to see them all at once when deciding which to wear.

I hope this motivates you to think about your closet. Have I regretted anything I got rid of? Quite the opposite--twice I've pulled something out and thought "How did YOU make the cut?"
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Faux Oil-rubbed Bronze!

I had been shopping for a quatrefoil mirror to put in my entry hall. I'm quite obsessed with that shape, and it's very trendy right now. I found one with a black frame at Hobby Lobby, and at half off, I could feel good about my purchase. Which I did, until I saw one I liked even better at Kohl's. I'm sure this has happened to you.

Priced much higher, the one at Kohl's had a beautiful oil-rubbed bronze finish. I got a good look at it, and headed out to find some spray paint. I'll walk you through what I did.

Here is the original finish. Black, shiny and (gasp!) plastic.

Here is what you need!
First step is covering up the mirror! I used left over packing paper.
Here is the miracle in a can!
But, this is what made it even better!
After the spraying is done and the paint dries (it only takes an hour), I put paint in one section of my tray, and filled the center with water. Load a small amount of paint on the sponge brush, and dilute with water. You can test it out on some paper towel. The trick is to go along each edge (and only the edge), adding a small line of paint. Have a paper towel ready to wipe off any areas that get too much paint. You are really looking for a subtle effect.
It helps to stand back every once in awhile. I hope you can see in this photo, the tiny lines of copper along the outside and inside.
You will wind up with a beautiful aged effect!
The after photo was taken under bright light, so is looking lighter than it actually is.
And here it is--gracing my entry hall! I couldn't believe how easy this was!
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I apologize for the poor quality of the photos. I took them with my iPad.