Sunday, October 9, 2011

Photo Art--It's a Picnik!

I was married in May, and don't have one single wedding photo displayed except for on my computer wallpaper. It's time to remedy that!

I chose the dresser in our bedroom as the perfect spot for our photos, but it presented a few challenges. When decorating it, we tried to create a very peaceful space. We chose a milk chocolate color for the walls, dark wood furniture, and a brown and tan upholstered headboard.  The only pops of color are a coppery orange pillow and an arrangement of orange berries in a gold and orange vase. There is no TV, no family photos (bad Feng Shui in the master bedroom!) and the only art is a painting my husband did before I met him.

We got married on Oahu, so you can imagine how colorful our photos are--mostly deep blues and greens. These photos will work great in my office, our living room, my husband's office, etc. But, I needed to tone down the color for our bedroom.

So, I turned to picnik.

You can download your color photos and change them into black & white, or sepia, which is what I chose.

You can choose the shade you want from very pale to very deep. It's fun to play around until you get it right!

Here is an example of a photo before I altered the color. Very pretty but not right for our bedroom!

This is the photo after. Still warm, still looks like us, but now it will blend in with the colors of our decor.

I chose four photos, including a couple close-ups for added interest!

I have been buying up frames from Ross for months now, all with this project in mind. Do you like the new rug I put in my office? Less than $60 from Ross.

So, here is the finished result. Wedding photos in the same hues as our bedroom.

This is a collage in black & white that I made early in our relationship, using picnik!

I like to make my own cards to send to my future granddaughter, Nikki (my son is marrying her mother next summer) and I used picnik to dress up our cat, Eddie, and my son's dog, Nitro, for Halloween!

It's great fun, it's free (there is a cost to use their "premium" tools, which I think is well worth the money) and you can let your imagination go wild! I need to mention my sister's and my favorite picnik item, which is the "make thinner" tool!

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Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Your wedding look beautifu, and work very well with your decor. Photo editing opens up so many possibilities.

Attempting Aloha said...

Beautiful job!


Robin said...

What would we do without Picnik? Everyone wants to be in pictures with me because they know I will use insta-thin to take off that 10 lbs. the camera adds! Your wedding photos came out beautiful and I finally got a glimpse of your bedroom. Love it!

Allison Shops said...

I love Picnik too. The pictures are beautiful. You'll both enjoy seeing them daily.

Dropping by from BNOTP.

Hidden Laundry

The Quintessential Magpie said...

This is SO clever, and I think the wedding pics on the dresser turned out great! Very romantic. Love the dog and the cat decked out for Halloween, too. You did a wonderful job on all!



Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Picnik is a wonderful tool to use to enhance our photos. Congratulatons! You're still a newly wed! hugs ~lynne~

abeachcottage said...

Lovely wedding pics and you did a great job editing them to suit the colour palette in your bedroom :) They look very nice in display!

Marlis said...

Beautiful wedding I'm sure.. The photos are gorgeous and the alterations didn't change the feeling. so pretty! xo marlis

Zuni said...

Hi, Elaine. Following you back! And will be following your humor site too...very funny stuff! I love your wedding pictures. I would never have thought to change to tone of pictures to match the surroundings, but you are absolutely right! How brilliant! Thanks for visiting me and following me too!