Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Big "O"!

I am always in pursuit of the big "O" but it doesn't come naturally. Of course, I'm talking about ORGANIZATION. And, I'm sure not getting better as I get older. Combine a bad memory with too much stuff to keep track of, and you have one big mess!

I knew I needed some help! This will give you an idea of what I was dealing with.

This started out as my staging inventory. Then I discovered tablescaping, and things grew out of hand. And, I have another five complete sets of dishes elsewhere in my house. The deciding moment for me was when I bought the same dishes twice! I knew I needed some way to get ORGANIZED!!!

I created this for my tablescaping, but it certainly would work for any obsession hobby! The first step was buying a photo album. These are not as easy to find as they used to be. I didn't want anything fancy. I found this one at OfficeMax for $12.

I loved that I could slip a tablescape photo in the cover!

I always choose black because I have two black dogs and two black cats, and well, you get it.

It's very important to put something in the album that identifies who it belongs to, in case you leave it someplace. A phone number is all you need. I never lose things in stores. Just in my own house!

Now, you just add the information you need. Eventually, I will add more, but this just gives you an idea!

I took photos of my dishes and glasses, and did that ever give me an idea of how many I have! I will eventually add candlesticks, centerpieces, colors and sizes of tablecloths and napkins, etc.

And, then I printed them, and cut them out!

They are organized by dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, etc.

I write in how many I have and where I bought them. As I start to use this book, I will write down prices, too.

You can even include fabric samples! See if a smart phone can do THIS!

I think this will definitely prevent me from buying the same thing twice, and I feel good and ORGANIZED!!!

Thank you to Between Naps On The Porch for hosting this Metamorphosis Monday! I also need to thank Mr. Wonderful, who is still waiting for the Italian dinner I promised to cook for him tonight!

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Robin said...

We cannot possibly be related! This is way too impressive! It sure beats out my legal pad with scribbles all over it like I'm using now. It's seems not only to be efficient but really pretty to look at too. You can make me one for Christmas!

Robin Flies South

Joselyn @ The DIY Spot said...

Wow that is some organization! I would love to have a spot to organize my linens in the same manner. Great photo album idea. Following you. Following you.

Poppy said...

This is a brilliant idea and I love it! Keeping track of the dimensions of all the tables in your house is so clever... every time I need a tablecloth I have to go and measure my table again! And I have done that as well... buying the same things twice. I like your idea of cataloging the things I have to create tablescapes. Great post!Thanks for sharing!Hugs~Poppy

Margo said...

Wonderful idea! I love your dishes!

Designing Domesticity said...

What a great organizational tool. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Liz

xinex said...

Wow, great idea! I think I just met another disaholic like me, lol. I have converted our walk in garage for a dish storage for me. Anything that do not fit in our 7 china cabinet in the house go there. I place each pattern in a bin and I label it outside. I have pictures of them in my computer and I have them labeled where I store them....Christine

gena said...

Wowzers ... you are ORGANIZED for sure ! I would love to have all the storage space for my many sets of dishes ( lots of family heirlooms + my own sets ). Alas, old victorians are not big on storage space......

thanks for sharing!

Maria Elena said...

Elaine, this is such an awesome idea!
It is amazing how much we accumulate through out the years.
Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday and for your sweet comments. You made my day!
It is great to meet another Navy mom!

Jerralea said...

Oh I love organizing and dishes! I will be making my own album like this soon!

Thanks for the idea.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

This is wonderful! Love how organized your are, girl!