Sunday, May 13, 2012

What Your Favorite Color Says About You!

Just how much are we influenced by color? I know there are certain colors I find more appealing than others. I found this site that claims the colors you like best or least determine what your personality is and what career you should be in.

Ever wonder if the career you are in is the right one for you?


Take this simple test (it's as simple as choosing your favorite color) and find out! 

Click on this link. It will ask you your present career.  This is free, so when they make you an offer, just click No Thanks! They will follow up with an email to you.

You might be surprised by the results. Please leave a comment to let me know if you agree with your results, or not!

I will be joining:

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Diane said...

I almost did not open this post, since my favorite color is brown! I was afraid what that would said about me - yikes. I am looking forward to taking the test. Thanks for sharing!

Robin said...

I think I did this before. Hmm, creative organizer. Pretty accurate. Jobs, administrative assistant and retail salesperson. Hmm, pretty accurate.

Robin Flies South

Alycia Nichols said...

OK....weird! I took the test, and it pegged me spot on!!!!! "Creative" first and "Organizer" second. I am a retired wedding planner (organization) who also ran a fine rentals company in which I designed rooms and tablescapes (creative). It also pegged me in that I cannot stand to work in a structured environment and that I like to work alone. WEIRD!!!!!!!!!! This was a fun test!