Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thank you, Eddie!

This is turning out to be a typical holiday season. As much as I try to get things finished, sometimes I have to leave them half done, until I have time to get back to it. That was my tablescape today. I got the table all set, but I had to leave to go to a luncheon, with plans to take photos when I returned. About a mile away from the house, I realized that I had left a set table, complete with goblets and glass candleholders, in the house with Eddie loose. I had planned to put him in my office, but I was running late. I tried hard not to think about it and enjoyed my afternoon with friends.

When I got home, this is what I found.

So, thank you, Eddie!

Here is a simple holiday table. Glassware intact!

This runner was the inspiration, though it doesn't
even look green in this photo.

I bought these dishes at Goodwill. Thanks, Robin,
for telling me Ross had this flatware this week!

These candleholders came from the ARC store.
 $12 for all three!

These goblets came from Dollar Tree!

Thank you for visiting my tablescape!

I will be joining Susan at Between Naps On The Porch
for Tablescape Thursday.

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Robin said...

How did Eddie resist? Does this mean his kittenhood is finally over? Seriously, this is so pretty. I love the borders on the dishes and the glasses (see my table today! Ha!). Those candleholders look so elegant with the gold beads.

Robin Flies South

Marlis said...

Eddie is an angel! But I know what you mean. I have a sweet Regan who would love to inspect things, especially when I'm not around and can't say No! Your table is exquisite. I love your dishes and the glasses. Your runner is so spectacular.. great table.. thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas. May you and yours be blessed! xo marlis

Alycia Nichols said...

Hi, Elaine! I was SO glad when I did not see a photo of a complete disaster!!! These last few weeks have brought a variety of crazy occurences to several bloggers, and I am relieved to know that you totally dodged that bullet! Eddie must be in the Christmas spirit! :-) He spared your beautiful table!!! The design of the runner is beautiful...wonderful inspiration. Don't you just love those Dollar Tree goblets??? I used them in this week's tablescape, too. They really have a lot of versatility, and I'm so glad to have finally found that place!!! Best of the holiday season to you and yours...and especially Eddie! :-)

Texas Tea Party said...

I couldn't wait to see who Eddie was and there is the sweetest kitty photo! You are blessed with a wonderful cat! The tablescape is great with the tall candleholders as your centerpiece. The china is just so lucky to get to go home with you for it created a beautiful table. I love the green! Merry Christmas and Happy Tablescaping! Pam

Marigene said...

Beautiful table, Elaine. I love the table runner, even if it didn't photo green!
My kitties very seldom take an interest in my has to be a really shiny tiny bauble or certain flowers for them to venture off a chair! I have only had one wine glass broken and that was because I caught him up there and he was scrambling to get down.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Liz@A Dish Here, A Glass There said...

Oh for a moment I thought you were going to show a disaster picture! So glad Eddie didn't do it!! I have cats so I know where you are coming from! Lots of no's this time of year!! Your table is pretty! I like how you did the candle holders with the gold beads! I wish I had a Ross store!! Love your pictures- nice job! Have a very Merry Christmas! Liz

Aledia said...

Beautiful table! I just LOVE shopping at Goodwill for dishes.

I'm your newest follower :)

Merry Christmas

Linda said...

Where to start? The table runner is great, your photos are terrific, and I love the look of the table. I'm so envious of you who find such deals on tableware. Generally, I'm not so lucky.

Tess said...

First of all, your table is beautiful! The colors are elegant and is great for holidays! So happy it stayed intact!

Eddie is adorable and I know what you mean! Every time I do a table (that will actually be used), I have to leave the glasses off and cover it with plastic because mine love sneak on the tabletop. One of our 3 kitties looks JUST like your Eddie!!

Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

So glad that Eddie resisting "playing" on your gorgeous table. I like your centerpiece and the way you added some bling to the candleholders. Love that flatware, too! Such a pretty tablescape!

Entertaining Women said...

We've had our "Eddie" moments, too. So glad that your beautiful design remained intact. Thank you for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay