Sunday, December 4, 2011

Teeny Tiny Christmas!

While digging around in the basement looking for Christmas decorations,
I ran across an item I haven't thought about in years. I decided to bring it upstairs!

Just looks like a wooden case with a handle, right?

And, now for a true metamorphosis!

I bought this many, MANY years ago at an auction!

I have to apologize for my photos. It got dark SO early today!

I found the box with the furniture, too.

And, I found a box with Christmas decorations!
Apparently, it's been a tough year,
because there are no ornaments on the tree.
But, at least Santa brought some toys!

Looks like we caught the old guy in the act!

I think they are going to have a warm and cozy Christmas!

I hope you enjoyed this teeny tiny Christmas!

Of course, all the white inside this house drives
me crazy, and I do have decorating plans.
I am just waiting for a granddaughter to be my inspiration!

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Robin said...

So cute and portable too! It does look like a rental though, with all those white walls!

Robin Flies South

dee dee said...

What a lovely surprise! I have a similar box but mine contains art supplies! I hope you and your grand daughter have fun decorating your "tiny home!"
Dee Dee

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Irresistible! I would have bid against you...this is a wonderful find!

Susan said...

Hi! I was so happy to see your post on your darling dollhouse.

If you have a chance, stop over at my blog to read about Christmas in the dollhouse around here! Would love to have you stop by. Susan

Maria Elena said...

What a fabulous find! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Gasp- It looks so much like Susans house @!

Elaine said...

How funny! That's the first thing I thought when I saw her house!

Patti said...

What a great house...and it looks so easy to assemble and store!

samaa @ Honey Sweet Home said...

How cute! I would have loved a dollhouse like that when I was younger :) Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog too Elaine, and for joining! I have a few followers but I think my blogger is having some trouble, the followers don't show up sometimes, same with my reading list. I loved your polka dot pitcher in your thanksgiving tablescape too :) And I love your background! Green is one of my faves, and it almost looks velvety, exactly like one of the cushions I have in my living area :)

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh my goodness how fabulous! I love your sweet dollhouse. I have 4 grandgirls who would too! Thanks for your sweet visit this week.

abeachcottage said...

That is such a sweet and pretty doll house.

Rebecca said...

I've never seen anything like that! Don't wait for a granddaughter...enjoy it yourself :)

Chubby N Chieque said...

Graciousness!!! I never seen like this b4. I so love and drool to have that treasure Elaine.


Happy TTT...

Greetings from a slippery & freezing Stockholm,

Ivy and Elephants said...

I am way to old to be your grand-daughter but I can pretend. I would give anything to help you decorate that house. Like Rebecca said...don't wait for a granddaughter, do enjoy it yourself. I kept saying that about a daughter that never came. What you have there is such a wonderful treasure. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post at our What's it Wednesday linky party. Hope you join us again next week.


Liz@A Dish Here, A Glass There said...

How adorable! That is quite a find! Even a custom carrying box- wow! Now it needs some miniature garland swagged through out!! LOL... I'm decorating it!!

Gayle Page-Robak said...

I am so envious of your gorgeous dollhouse and your beautiful furniture and decorations. Always wished for a "real" one as a young child and was always making my own out of cardboard boxes (smile). This is a real treat to see. Thank you. I have joined your followers list and would love to have you join me as well. Hugs, Gayle